Exceleris Consulting is a FinancialForce implementation partner. We are a system agnostic organisation but do partner with companies that offer powerful technology that can be leverage to empower businesses. 

FinancialForce is a customer centric ERP built natively on Salesforce (Force.com platform). A widespread misconception about Salesforce is that it is a CRM but it is much more than that, it is a platform.

"FinancialForce built natively on the Force.com platform"  - What does that mean?

It means that by extending the use of the Salesforce platform organisations are able to:

1) access a customer 360 view of their operations thereby gaining insights into multi dimensionality analytics by Customer, Region, Product, Project, Department. Salesforce is not just about stopping at the sales data but complimenting this data with data across the business to gain relevant insights into Profitability metrics

2) Streamline their Lead to Cash/Ledger. Not only managing the sales process on the Force.com but also:

●   Managing projects, resources service billing (FF PSA is the leading PSA product by Gartner),

●   Order fulfillment/inventory (SCM solution),

●   Subscription/Billing engine,

●   Financial Management (Cash, AR, AP, Fixed Asset, GL, Reporting)

Managing your whole organisation on the Force.com platform enables you to leverage on platform tools to create efficiencies between departments for you to manage your business more effectively and having one set of data therefore one source of truth

Contact us directly to know more about if the Force.com platform and any of the Salesforce, FinancialForce or other applications are right for you.