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Jedox is an Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) system that supports business planning, analytics and reporting. The system is widely used by finance teams to support processes such as budget and management accounts preparation, but its capabilities have extensive enterprise relevance into areas such as sales, human resources, operations and procurement.


Most enterprise applications are “transactional” meaning that they support the process of recording business transactions or events as they occur. These systems are ideal for reporting on the past, but generally not as strong to support business and operational planning for the future. This is why EPM systems flourish. All business planning and forecasting starts in the “business”... in the form of sales targets and forecasts, production plans, resourcing plans, project plans etc. 

Some of the benefits of using Jedox as an EPM system are:

  • Effective Top-down and Bottom-up: budgeting supported. Powerful “splashing” functions enable users to enter data at a summary level and the system can prorate or assign the change over millions of detail data points in seconds.

  • User friendly interface: within Jedox cloud-based system, Excel front end or other UIs available through seamless integrations such as into Salesforce and Power BI.

  • Easily configured: to address any business planning scenario. Many Jedox instances are managed by finance teams as opposed to IT.

  • Multiple connectors: available to integrate with any other system, as long as it has APIs or facilities through which the system connects. The system is able to extract, transform, enrich, and in some cases (e.g. Salesforce) write back to external databases.

  • Scalable: system supporting businesses in the long run due to its advanced capabilities and features that are not available within competing solutions.

  • Streamlined process: to effectively support management of budget, forecast and planning by enforcing approvals of changes. It also supports the process of annotating forecasts to identify the context or reason for the balances entered.

  • Consolidation: of financial reports supported including ability to manage high volume of entities, various shareholding structures and functions such as translation of foreign currency subsidiaries and automated elimination of intercompany balances.

  • Salesforce integration: providing ability for Salesforce users to capture both transactional information and planning information through the same system.

As a Jedox partner, Exceleris Consulting provides implementation and ongoing support services for Jedox in both a Salesforce context and for a wide range of other business systems.

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