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Salesforce is a technology platform that runs business applications that can support every aspect of a business. The system is widely recognised as one of the world’s leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, however, businesses can choose whether they wish to simply use the CRM functionality or use Salesforce as a cloud technology platform. In this context, they may choose to implement systems such as FinancialForce’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) suite in conjunction with Jedox’s Enterprise Performance Planning (EPM) system or other applications from the >3,000 applications that exist on the Salesforce appexchange.


Some of the benefits of using Salesforce as a CRM system are:

  • Accessibility: from anywhere in the world and from any device which is connected to the internet. This means that no matter where your staff are based, they can connect to the system.

  • Highest levels of security: maintained and provides the facilities for clients to ensure that their information is not accessed by unauthorised people or compromised in any way.

  • "Low code development platform": is what Salesforce is known as which means that most “customisations” can be done without writing any code. As a consequence, clients are able to customise their solutions more easily to have the applications mold to a business as opposed to businesses needing to change their processes to fit a system solution.

  • Regular upgrades: of Salesforce applications take place to take advantage of new product developments. When this takes place, the system does not compromise the “customisations” that might previously have been made to the system.

  • Ease of integration: is one of the very well known benefits due to the wide range of business applications  that have been developed natively on the Salesforce platform and therefore share the same database. Integration becomes assumed.

The architecture of Salesforce is unique in that it is a highly configurable and sustainable platform that can be developed and modified over time to suit the evolving needs of a business.


As a Salesforce partner, Exceleris Consulting provides implementation and ongoing support services for a wide range of Salesforce applications.

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