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The XLRS Product suite is designed to enable users of ERP systems on the Salesforce platform to leverage technology to facilitate data exchanges with external party systems and provide enhanced business reporting and planning functionality.

XLRS Bank App
Bank integration, Automated coding and Bank reconciliation 

XLRS Bank is one of the applications in the XLRS product suite. It imports and auto-codes bank statement transactions and facilitates the process of ensuring that internal accounting records are aligned with banking records. It enables users of ERP applications on the Salesforce platform to save enormous administrative time by streamlining manual processes.

Product Factsheet to come

Streamline your procurement, expense, invoice and receipt capture via OCR technology and machine learning

Short for Optical Character Recognition, OCR technology extracts data from digital documents. When coupled with Machine Learning this technology can analyze the structure of an invoice for patterns and use intelligence to optimise accuracy over time. Enable automated payable invoice and expense receipt capture fully integrated with your ERP or Financial Management application on the Salesforce platform.

Product Factsheet to come

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