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You’re managing information across 5+ systems. These systems aren’t communicating with each other.  Different datasets are giving different answers. Decisions are taking more time and are more difficult than they need to be.  Revenue is leaking out of the funnel  and operational costs are steadily increasing. It’s hard to work out why.

Quotes you’re offering your prospects seem to be missing the mark and when a quote is accepted it doesn’t match the effort required to make good on your promise and your people are saying that the resource planning is all wrong.

Sound familiar?

You’re not alone. In fact, most of our clients come to us with these kinds of issues. Their teams are struggling to hit KPIs, the desired level of operational effectiveness seems to be unattainable and financial insights are stale.

They know something needs to change, and one of the first steps is to review business processes, technology systems and infrastructure.

Exceleris Consulting has helped many business leaders lay the foundation they need for their business to grow sustainably.

Revolutionize how you manage your business to focus on what you do best – delivering outstanding value and service to your customers.

Exceleris specializes in these systems:

Exceleris implements all kinds of solutions. Ask us about how these solutions can make a difference in your business.

An agile approach to business

Exceleris works with organizations across the globe and prides itself on taking a business-first approach to develop an understanding before starting to solve problems.

We’re a team of people who have been in business ourselves and have a deep understanding of business requirements which we incorporate within the solutions we deliver. We ensure the technology is a means to achieving the key desired business outcomes.

Solving a problem can sometimes create a need for an application or function to be configured or developed. With innovation in mind, we’ve looked at a number of business problems and assembled a group of service providers that we leverage to provide the outcomes we know you’re looking for too.

The Exceleris team has created strategic partnerships with Salesforce, Certinia, Google Cloud Platform, Datamolino, Conga, Asperato and other technology providers, so we can deliver these products to you.

Explore the range of utilities and applications that you can use today.

We bring best in class applications tailored to meet your business' needs seamlessly.

Certinia: The Platform for service-based business

Solutions for Professional Services Automation (PSA), Multi-revenue billing, Revenue Management, Accounting, Sales Order Management, Procurement, Inventory Management.



Salesforce Sales Cloud helps you optimize your selling process to manage your pipeline and win more opportunities.

Jedox Integrated Business Planning

Use data to drive how you make business decisions. Jedox Integrated Business Planning is the adaptable platform for planning and managing your business’ performance.


Asperato simplifies how you take payment. With gateway services designed to connect to your Salesforce and Certinia applications, you can collect several types of payments.


Automate document generation for Certinia ERP Cloud with Conga. You can create high-quality, customer-facing documents through intelligent templates.

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