“While Salesforce provides a centralized platform to manage customer data, Accounting Seed automates the financial process involved in the contact-to-cash cycle.”

– Dinesh Poduval, Chief Marketing Officer at CRMIT Solutions. 

Accounting Seed and Salesforce

The interconnection of data in Salesforce gives all departments a real-time view of business performance from sales to operations to finance—while enabling greater efficiency through automation and paving the way for financial growth. Your financial and business information is safe and secure, backed by the robust security and power that comes inherently with the Salesforce platform.

“Having Accounting Seed on the Salesforce Platform helps us stay efficient as a small team. We can automate almost anything, like amortizations for example. We have automated most of our accounting processes with Accounting Seed […] When we close a billing, all the information from the opportunity in Salesforce goes to Accounting Seed to know when and how the revenue should be scheduled so there is no room for error. As soon as a billing is closed and posted, all the revenue is immediately scheduled without any manual creation. It just happens and is a huge time-saver.” 

– Justin Meyer, Co-Founder of JumpRope

Accounting Core

Accounting Core is everything  you would expect an accounting tool to have: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Banking, and Reports and Dashboards. This is the heart of Accounting Seed, where all additional expansions spring from. Being native to the Salesforce platform connects the sales and accounting sides of any business, ensuring prompt billing, promoting efficient automation, and giving access to real-time data changes.

“One of the biggest benefits to switching our accounting systems is how tightly integrated our billing, revenue and expenses are with Accounting Seed and its native Salesforce functionality […] I now have a ton of faith and trust knowing our margins are true and data reported is accurate and in real-time.” 

– Dru Dalton, Founder and CEO at Real Thread.

Project Accounting

Have you ever wished for the ability to track specific activities and expenses related to financial affairs? Well look no further than Project Accounting! Project Accounting encompass everything needed to complete a specific engagement or event. Use Project Accounting to connect expense reports, time cards, even payable and billable receipts to internal or external projects and events. Project Accounting is your financial task manager.

Orders and Inventory

If you sell physical products, and need to manage inventory numbers as well as warehouse stock, then you need Orders & Inventory. With this extension, Accounting Seed expands its capabilities to know exactly how much of a single product is available, and specifically where it is housed within your warehouse. This allows you to streamline the order and fulfillment process by knowing what is currently in stock, what is backordered, and which orders can be filled immediately and which need to wait.

“I needed a solid accounting solution that integrated with Salesforce that would grow as we grow. The more integrated it was, the better I felt about it. Accounting Seed gives me the inventory management with standard accounting, plus it is on one platform and highly rated. A win-win to me.”

– Kevin Simons, CEO of Sonus. 

Orders and Inventory

Multi-Currency & Multi-Entity

Accounting Seed is tailorable to meet the unique accounting needs an styles of virtually any kind of company in any kind of industry. Multi-Currency and Multi-Entity extends this capability even further for those with international customers and/or vendors, or just working in different states with different tax laws. Currency exchange rates are tracked using Salesforce’s Advanced Currency Management module and then kept up-to-date either manually or by choosing an exchange rate app on AppExchange.