Manage your Purchase Orders on Salesforce

Give your Procurement process a lift with XLRS Apps for Salesforce

Create and Manage Purchase Orders

Reduce the cost of your procurement process by making the process of ordering items quicker and easier.

Salesforce is for all functions and departments of your business.  


Driven by Simplicity

Automation and simplicity is at the core of every XLRS Application. 

Leverage the  information already available in your Salesforce system – Accounts, Contacts

Capture exactly what you need.  Selections drive business behaviour and integrate into your accounting system – everyone is happy.

PO Approval

Approval Processes

Your approval processes can work the way you work.  Whether you have one approver or more we can cater for your requirements.


We support Delegated Financial Authority approvals to ensure that organisational responsibility and accountability requirements are maintained.


Print and Email your POs

Print Draft Purchase Orders when you need.

Purchase Orders are automatically emailed to Suppliers upon approval.

We can cater for your Purchase Order design requirements.

PO Print
Visibility and Transparency

Visibility and Transparency

Enjoy complete visibility and transparency into the entire Purchase Order Process.

From initial creation of the Purchase Order until it is closed out, you will be able to see exactly what is happening.

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