Extend the value of your Certinia and Salesforce investment with Exceleris Apps

The Exceleris product suite helps you take Certinia and Salesforce further.

xlrs Payables Automation

xlrs: Exceleris product suite

xlrs Payables to Certinia (formerly FinancialForce) Payables Invoice Integration.

Bridging the gap between innovation and business know-how

xlrs Payables Automation

xlrs Expense Management

Manage your business expense and corporate card processes efficiently through a nimble application.

xlrs Banking Automation

Solve the problem of timing differences and reconciliation of your various payment methods — along with performing traditional bank reconciliation. Xlrs Banking Automation eliminates the need for building and maintaining complex spreadsheets. This improves the visibility of cash flow, reduces reconciliation efforts by up to 70% and seriously increases the quality and accuracy of your forecasts.

xlrs Capital

Management of non-current assets, loans, leases and financial instruments from an accounting perspective.

xlrs OPI Extensions

Enhance your Certinia OPI application to address industry-specific requirements.

xlrs Cash Automation

Manage cash flow forecasting and processing of direct debits and credits with your financial institution.

xlrs Cloud

xlrs Cloud facilitates the exchange of data between trading parties and is made up of three key parts.

xlrs HUB

Orchestrates the transfer of data between trading parties.

xlrs Integration

Makes XLRS Cloud accessible to customers from within their own software.

xlrs Integration FFA Connector

Provides integration between XLRS Integration and Certinia (formerly FinancialForce) Accounting.

Procure to Pay Automation on Salesforce

Automate your Procure to Pay process all within Salesforce without the need to log into a banking portal.


Opportunity to Cash Automation on Salesforce

Automate your entire Opportunity to Cash process with payment collection automation on the Salesforce platform.

xlrs Banking Automation

Integrate your banking with Certinia (formerly FinancialForce). Revolutionize and simplify your Banking and Payment Gateway Reconciliation process.


xlrs Procurement Module (Non-Inventory Purchases)