Transform how you budget, plan & report

Most of your budgeting is done manually, and when it comes to numbers, Finance is across it but Sales, Operations, and HR are out of the loop. It’s difficult to get a big-picture view of your business and the numbers.  You know that businesses run best when each department works together and talks to each other, but at this stage, how?

At Exceleris we have a team of specialists across EPM and FP&A who are specialists in industry-leading tools like Jedox and Certinia. It’s how we empower businesses like yours to automate, integrate, and transform how you plan, budget, and report. 

Whether you’re starting from scratch and it’s a brand new implementation or you just need a small enhancement – Exceleris Consulting is the team to get it done. We understand how overwhelming this process can be, but don’t worry, we’ll walk you through it and help you make those key decisions.

Revolutionize how you look at the big numbers

Grow your company in the right direction with efficient planning and forecasting

Our integrations and implementations make your business processes seamless

Bring your team together and onto the same page with EPM and FP&A integrations. Not only do these integrations and implementations create seamless processes for you and your team, but they create serious efficiencies – completely streamlining how you work.

These offer you a big-picture view of your business, too. It’s how companies make intelligent business decisions.


Jedox is a cloud-based EPM solution that makes planning analysis, reporting, and optimization in your business simple. Our team are specialists in Jedox implementations and enhancements.


Certinia Planning is a cloud-based application on the Certinia SaaS platform. Fully integrated with Certinia Accounting, Planning provides the complete planning and budgeting experience together with analytic dashboard.  Our team were one of the first Certinia partners.

We’ll get back to you in one business day.

An agile methodology means your solution will be perfectly tailored to your business

We use an agile methodology to produce next-level business outcomes, time and time again. It’s a combination of the right processes, a knack for continuous improvement, and a commitment to meeting your business’ specific needs.

Why companies choose us for their EPM / FP&A implementations

Exceleris is the team business across APAC depend on for enhanced tools and better business decision-making.

We improve your entire business

Our key point of difference is our cohesive and comprehensive approach. We're never looking at one single aspect of your business. We want to grow and improve your business as a whole.

Large System Portfolio

With a team of system-agnostic specialists, we aren't committed to just one system or platform – we'll always recommend the best for your business. Luckily, we have positive partnerships with a number of EPM and FP&A platforms.

Agile methodology

This isn't just about agility in our service offering. Our agile approach means we're committed to continuous improvement and creating tailored improvements for your business.

We're outcome-focused

It's never about selling a specific solution or platform to you. It's about creating the absolute best outcomes we possibly can so you can improve and grow your business.

We’ll get back to you in one business day.

We're system agnostic, but we're still a preferred Salesforce partner

Our team is system agnostic. It means we don’t believe in any one platform specifically. We know all of the platforms within the EPM and FP&A space really well, and we know precisely which platform will work best for our clients based on their specific situations. Whilst we are experts when it comes to Jedox and Certinia, in fact, we’re a preferred partner for Salesforce, we aren’t tied to just one platform.

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The process will begin with an initial consultation. This allows us to get to know your business and provide you with our custom recommendations.