Automate & streamline how you do business with CRM, PSA & ERP platform implementation.

Your systems aren’t communicating, decisions are convoluted with different data sets giving different answers, and revenue seems to be leaking – but you can’t work out why. Sales quotes frequently miss the mark, and when the quotes are accepted, the resource planning is all wrong.

Sound familiar?

You’re not alone. In fact, most of our CRM, ERP & PSA clients come to us with these issues. Their teams are struggling to hit KPIs, and their financial insights are stale. They know they need something to change, and usually, that change needs to be their technology and how it interacts with their processes.

It’s CRM/ERP/PSA implementation via Exceleris Consulting that gets businesses back on track and exceeding their previous targets. 

Revolutionize how you handle sales and onboarding.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are proven to increase customer satisfaction and retention. It creates efficiency in your marketing, sales, and operations generally.


Professional Services Automation (PSA) software solutions help you plan and follow processes, and make better decisions. PSA solutions are excellent for unifying businesses and increasing efficiencies.


Enterprize Resource Planning (ERP) platforms allow you to plan and manage your resources in an intelligent way. ERP solutions are perfect for increasing efficiency and simplifying your processes and planning.

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Lean on Exceleris to enhance & optimize how your organization does business.

Our integrations and implementations make your business processes seamless

Your operations, project management, sales and order fulfilment are all separate aspects of your business. But by rolling these into one system, you can open the door to automation, collaboration between departments, and, importantly, create a single source of truth. 

Capture leads, handle the sales process, nurture your leads in one spot, and then assign the project with ease – all in a single platform. Projects, client profiles, and project managers can each be assigned from here, and then, when the project is finalized, billing is ready to go.

An agile methodology means your solution will be perfectly tailored to your business

Exceleris Consulting is agile and ready to meet your business’ needs. With the right evidence and a commitment to continuous innovation, we take an agile approach. It’s all about radical digital transformation, just in a way that is sustainable for your business’ growth. 

Our agile methodology is how we create exceptional business solutions, time and time again.

Why companies choose us for their CRM / PSA / ERP implementations

Exceleris is the team businesses depend on for streamlined processes and efficiencies across every aspect of their business.

We improve your entire business

We're never looking at just one aspect of your business. We know each department and aspect needs to communicate and collaborate with each other for ultimate success.

Large System Portfolio

We're fortunate to have positive relationships with many different providers in the CRM, ERP & PSA space. We're system agnostic, though, meaning we don't believe in just one. We'll find the right one for you.

Agile methodology

This doesn't mean we're agile, although, we are. Our methodology is agile, meaning we work with a continuous improvement ethos and we tailor solutions to your business' needs.

We're outcome-focused

We're not committed to a single solution or platform. We're committed to producing outcomes. So, we'll gain an understanding of your business and develop a custom plan to create next-level results.

We’ll get back to you in one business day.

We're system agnostic, but we're still a preferred Salesforce partner

At Exceleris Consulting, we’re system agnostic. It means we don’t exclusively believe in one platform or system – we’re open to exploring and finding the right platform with the best features to support your business.

In saying that? We’re still experts in Salesforce and Certinia, in fact, we’re among their preferred partners. 

Streamline how you do business today

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