Managed Services

Your business is constantly changing & growing. As you focus on the business, you need someone to focus on the system. Exceleris Managed Services take care of your changes and updates so you can save time and avoid risk.

Your CRM, EPA, or custom solution has been created and implemented. Now, to continue growing your business and keep your software working as you need it to, it’s important to keep them maintained. 

Your business is changing and growing, and so, your business’ supporting programs should too. It’s essential that you maximize your investment and make sure it continues to meet your business’ needs. 

Team up with Exceleris and enjoy an ongoing relationship, based on the success of your business and its digital support. We’re the digital transformation specialists you can count on to keep your business evolving.

Trust Exceleris to meet your business' evolving needs with hands-on support.

Keep your business and its systems running without fault or interruption

Your platforms should evolve

When you first implement a custom digital solution, you’ll experience never-before-seen efficiencies. It might be a streamlined supply chain or the ability to see the bigger picture in your big data. But these efficiencies shouldn’t be the end. Your business and the platforms it uses to advance should continue to evolve. 

What's included in managed services?

This is totally up to you. Our team of digital transformation specialists will, of course, share our recommendations and guide you through the optimization and evolution of these platforms, but you can team up with us on an ongoing basis or for ad-hoc support. We’re your team, and we’re here to help you succeed.

We’ll get back to you in one business day.


Keep your business ticking and growing. You've rolled your platforms into one, and now, it's important you keep them effectively maintained for serious success.


Continue to find cash flow improvements and efficiencies in how you do finance. These improvements don't end with the implementation.

Innovated products

You've partnered with Exceleris for a custom product innovation and have created serious efficiency. Keep up the momentum with our managed services.

Why companies choose us for their managed services

Exceleris is the team businesses count on to keep them moving and improving through managed services and hands-on support.

We're opportunistic

Your business' success is ours, too. We're always on the lookout for opportunities that will improve how you do business – whether it's better efficiencies, product features, or a simple optimization.

Eliminate interruptions to your business

By leaving your managed services with us, you can depend on your business' platforms. Breaks and outages can leave your business interrupted – our managed services keep it all ticking.

Agile methodology

This doesn't just mean we're agile – which we, of course, are. It means we look at your business from all angles and consider the individuals within when we make decisions. It's how we create success for you, time and time again.

Cohesive approach to your business

Your business has so many different components, and each is just as important as the next. We take a comprehensive and cohesive approach to our managed services to ensure everyone and everything in your business is succeeding.

We’ll get back to you in one business day.

The friendly team you can count on for hands-on support

The value and success of our managed services aren’t just in our processes or just in the knowledge our team holds. It’s in our approach and our support. Our team values you and the success of your business, and we take every step to not only anticipate your needs but exceed your expectations. 

Exceleris Consulting is the friendly team you can count on to keep your business and its platforms growing.

Enhance how your business uses technology today

Book your free consultation with a specialist

The process will begin with an initial consultation. This allows us to get to know your business and provide you with our custom recommendations.